Welcome to The PoetOwl

This place is for you, for us, to explore loss, joy, and being mindful. It’s a cross between a blog, newsletter, journal, and, I hope over time, a conversation.

By loss, I mean the death of people or animals we love, though we grieve other losses, too. One hurt unfurls other hurts. Life and love have strings, and they tangle.

More importantly, it’s a place for learning to transcend our grief and cultivate joy every day. Many believe you have to go through grief to get to joy. No.

Joy isn’t a destination—it’s a dimension. Grief and joy co-exist. The challenge is knowing how to take a break from grief, creating space for joy to emerge.

That’s where mindfulness comes in.

Do you know how to lean into a moment? How to calm the wild mind of thought and whirling kaleidoscope of emotion, so you can soak in a little peace and, yes, joy? We’re sensory beings, but we often forget how our senses can connect us to the world and back into ourselves.

The intention is to offer writing that helps you come back to your senses and inspire ideas for living your one-and-only, heartbroken-and-still-beautiful life.

Grief and joy co-exist.

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